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Persona Personality Test - Analyse Yourself


Personality Test


* You have to be completely honest with yourself. Choose the appropriate answer.

1) What is the colour you invariably choose?
a) Red
b) Black
c) White
d) Blue
2) When you meet someone you don't know well, do you
a) Initiate conversation
b) Wait for him/ her to initiate conversation
c) Have a comfortable silence but you hope it will change
d) Have an uncomfortable silence and you are okay with it
3) The way you normally speak is
a) Very clear and controlled
b) Depends on the situation
c) Understood by a few and you are okay with it
d) With lots of pauses and hesitation
4) If you have an option what would you order for?
a) Continental
b) Chinese
c) Moghlai/ South Indian
d) Local cuisine
5) What kind of clothes do you like to wear
a) Something trendy and hip
b) Something appropriate to the occasion
c) Something you are comfortable with without drawing too much attention
d) Anything goes
6) If someone would be buying you accessories you would choose?
a) A classy briefcase/ handbag
b) A watch
c) Tie/ scarf
d) Jewellery
7) On the sports channel you would watch
a) Tennis
b) Football
c) Cricket
d) WWF
8) In your free time you would
a) Network with people you need
b) Work out/ play some sport
c) Read/ listen to music
d) Brood
9) When you are in doubt
a) You figure it out yourself
b) You clarify and go ahead
c) You ask someone else ( not the relevant person)and then go ahead
d) You don't ask anyone
10) Most of the time
a) You are on a high
b) Your moods vary but you are in control
c) You go through various moods
d) You tend to get depressed and moody
11) You would like to
a) Be yourself- the way you are
b) Change a little- here and there
c) Change a lot
d) Be someone else
12) This is closest to what I believe in
a) When money talks people listen
b) Health is wealth
c) Do good to yourself and forget about others
d) Do good to others first. That's very important
Now put your scores- a-5, b-4, c-3, d-2.What is the total?
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