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Executive training
One on One training
What we do
Our various programs are designed to enhance and perfect ones natural attributes ; to acquire and naturalise new skills; to develop, hone and perfect skills that one already possesses
Assessment and analysis of individuals needs and requirements and design the courses accordingly.
Follow up and review with extended coaching if required.
Life membership with Persona.
One to one sessions.
Innovative and effective
Interactive, intensive and totally outcome oriented programs.
Easy to use tools and resources.
Monitoring and mentoring
Objectives achieved
To provide opportunities to everyone to be the person they always wanted to be
To help them discover their unlimited potential and endless energy.
Create his/ her own personal brand.
To be confident, an excellent communicator, impressive, worldly and sophisticated.
To have a powerful personality that can seize every opportunity life offers- personally, professionally, socially and spiritually


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Persona- The Complete Personality Transformation Center
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