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Charged, controlled and composed, Anupama is a trainer par excellence. She puts her heart and soul into anything she does and training is in her blood. Her sheer capacity to keep clients’ attention and to totally transform and empower them makes her one of the top trainers in Persona. And her experience of more than 7 years helps her to do so with ease and finesse.

Anupama handles all modules of Persona with equal grace and skill.

Archita Kilnani

Ever smiling and cool, Archita is great with people. She is incredibly responsive, highly approachable and can ‘leverage’ any given opportunity. These are the perfect ingredients to make a superior trainer and Archita is one! With her experiences in Hyderabad as a language expert, she uses them all now for Persona.

With Wellness and Social skills too, Archita isn’t far behind.

Namratha Shetty

A communication expert, with an overall experience of more than 7 years, Namratha handles all aspects of communication with ease and expertise. Being a complete peoples person training comes naturally to her. Her very presence puts one in peace and a sense of wellbeing.

With over 8 years experience in spirituality and divinity, Namratha is a much evolved person notwithstanding her age. The combination of serenity and strength is a motivator by itself. Sensitive and very easy to deal with, she tops the popularity chart in Persona.

Soft spoken and extremely well mannered, she is perfect for social skills. She imparts the art of creating the first best impression through etiquette and appropriate behavior and ensures that people have perfected them. With over 5 years of experience in training all cross sections of professionals and people in business, Namratha handles her modules with penchant and elan.

Yogita N Mamtora

A veteran and the most experienced in the team, Yogita has more than 18 years experience in IT and Non IT industry. With a PG in Personnel Management- NIPM Kolkatta she has worked in MICO, Eurekha Forbes, Tata Elxi India Ltd, IQ Infonet Limited in HRD.

Yogita has this unique combination of energy and restraint, which she uses to the hilt, in achieving outcome. She bonds with the clients instantly and then she takes charge in molding and mentoring them. Her certification and experience as a Counselor has given her more insight and wisdom. In her free time she volunteers in Helping hand, schools, old age homes, council for women etc.

She trains in Wellness and Social skills as well.


A product of Pune where the culture is rich with creativity and literature, Reena had the perfect background for developing and honing her skills. Quietly confident and knowledgeable, she does wonders with her clients, individually working on their confidence and skills and guiding them to their highest potential and outcome. A qualified English trainer, Reena has more than 8 years experience.

Her expertise spans through all the sub modules of Persona.
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