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Digvijay Singh ,Dubai

Digvijay Singh’s understanding of bodies and their working is beyond ordinary comprehension. His knowledge and expertise of each and every cell, nerve, bone and muscle and the secret of creating energy through them is perfect. His physical sessions leaves one fluid and flexible and basking in the vibrations and the aura that remain for a very long time. His pure spirituality, free spirit and passion for nature and the natural energy system has polished and perfected his therapies and work. A qualified physiologist , specialized in Yoga, Corrective movement therapy and Clinical healing he has over 15 years experience in body workup and movements, nutrition and fitness .He has a huge client base from all over the globe whose lives have been transformed.. A former athlete, basket ball player and coach Digvijay ( Diggy as he is called) handles the body sessions to create energy so it synergizes perfectly with the mind and spirit.

Ajanta Kumar

Calm and serene, Ajanta Kumar imparts the finer nuances of meditation to the clients of Persona, thus enriching them mentally and spiritually. A person dedicated to brotherhood of man and peace in the universe, he has given up a lucrative career in IT to follow the path of spirituality and enlightenment. He shares his insights and experiences with everyone he comes into contact with.

Anjoli Chada

A perfect combination of the mystical East and the Modern West, Delhi and New York, a graduate in psychology, who is trained in using body movements for healing oneself, Anjoli is the one who adds vibrance to our programs. She believes in touching peoples’ lives and making a difference using subtle but sure methods. Graceful, lithe and soft spoken, she uses her unusual gift to gently motivate, guide and vitalise clients. She has created and designed the exclusive “Body movement” CD’s of Persona.


Her very presence puts one in peace and a sense of wellbeing, With over 8 years experience in spiritual healing and living, Sreeja takes care of the Wellness sessions. Sensitive and very easy to deal with, she strikes a lasting relationship with her clients regardless of the time spent with them.

Veena Shastri

Like her name, her very personality is musical and lilting. Veena can put anyone into an instant state of peace and calm. Her voice is her power- quiet but absolutely strong. Clarity is her forte- both in mind, body and speech. She has several years of experience and practice in yogic practices. Her foremost love is the work she does with underprivileged children. She is the perfect soothing balm that everyone is on the lookout for.

Babu Pappachan

A karate exponent and 7 times Karate national champion and a karate instructor, Babu believes that being fit is essential to stay healthy- mentally and physically. He works tirelessly with his clients thus helping them to be energetic, fit and always on the move. He has trained in body building and aerobics for over 15 years. He conducts regular classes and scores of students have trained under him. He is a hard taskmaster yet sensitive to his clients’ needs.


The fitness expert who guides, motivates and trains everyone to being healthy and energetic. Right from planning workouts to execution of the same, he works relentlessly with our clients to take them to a high level of fitness and vigor and ensuring it is maintained too. A qualified physical trainer is not muscle and 6 packs alone. Rajesh has an overdose of gentleness and sensitivity that has made him the most sought after personal trainer in Persona.


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