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Persona hand picks its team from the very best. Apart from their expertise, they are chosen for their energy, dynamism and sheer passion with the ability to deliver. Their skills are honed to perfection through very intensive training and continuous orientation so they can give the best to our clients and raise them to the level of excellence and perfection, which , incidentally, is the benchmark of Persona. With the average age of 30, they are open, flexible and they instantly connect and bond with people of all ages, walks and temperaments.

Babita Madhwaraj - Master trainer

A communication and lifestyle expert, she can talk her way into anything. And doesn’t shy from parting this gift to her team and clients. Her sessions are extremely interesting and interactive and she ensures that each day her clients go back home richer in knowledge and experience. Her clients around the world stand testimony for this Very well spoken and articulate, she delivers what she has to with style and élan.

Always innovative and creative, she has conceptualized, created and designed all the modules of Persona perfect to the tee. Very simple and basic so it is within the reach of everyone and easily applicable.

She chooses her team with great care. The training that follows both in content and more importantly, in the process is intensive, exhaustive and total. The trainers have to uphold Personas principles of Excellence, Quality and Perfect Delivery.
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