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Voice and Accent


Her years of experience of working with children has given Chaya the edge of being extremely sensitive and gentle which she applies to adults as well. She ensures she establishes a comfort level first before embarking on the formal sessions. Her commitment is total and her delivery perfect.

Mrinalini Bindra

Bubbly, ever ready and rearing to go is Mrinalini. Her main interest in life is to learn and learn more. She has more than 8 years experience in training in multiple industries and different levels of people. She has superb command over English and she is on the constant move of bettering that record. Her expertise in group dynamics makes her work easy and effective.

Sindhu Nair

Sindhu has played various roles marvelously well in the last twelve years as a student advisor, centre head and as a English trainer. Born and brought up in Delhi, she is the perfect blend of the North and the South, having absorbed the best of both the cultures. Extremely proactive, always in total control, she achieves anything she sets her mind into. A caring and sensitive trainer, she has the capacity to touch and shape the lives of whoever she comes into contact with . She shares the passion, commitment and dedication of her team at Persona. 


Bangalore born and bred, Srividya started her love affair with English at a very young age. Since then she has been on the quest of enhancing and enriching her passion. Srividya has 12 years experience in training in English and specializing in different accents. Her bright and sprite nature makes learning from her a great and lasting experience.

Sumati Mohan

One look at her and what strikes you is the way she carries herself. The dignity, grace and a smile! Despite over 20 years experience in teaching English, her love and enthusiasm for the language hasn’t diminished a bit. On the contrary, it has increased. This is the driving force of her excellent communication and training. Her sessions are interactive and her passion is very contagious, making learning quick and fun. And her perfect articulation and language is just the icing on the cake.


Quiet, soft spoken and sure, Swapna is totally into her work and responsibilities. Always prepared and in control, she has more than 9 years experience in training in language, voice and accent working in all industries especially hospitality. Her open and ever smiling face suffices to encourage and motivate clients.

Communication Skills

Kiran Lingaraj

Born in Ooty, brought up in Bangalore, sauve, articulate and stylish, Kiran is a trainer who is the very epitome of excellent communication. His over 10 years of experience in training in communication has honed and perfected his skills. His forte is anything to do with Presentations- be it voice and accent, preparation, confidence or delivery. His training spans over multiple industries which include IT, retail, manufacture among others. His contribution to Persona’s coaching programs is immense and immeasurable.


Unconventional yet grounded, Lakshmi uses her instinct and observations to conduct her training. Inclined to theatre and acting, she brings in a bit of drama as well, making her sessions vibrant and fun, always keeping the clients guessing and wanting more!

She has a MBA in Marketing and after working in Operations ( Management) for a while, thought it was a little too tame for her. She moved into training which fitted her like a glove and luckily has stayed there for past 6 years. She has undergone extensive OJT in Soft skills and behavioral training in India, UK and USA. And the best part is she loves the very experience of training itself.

Myra Martin

Her career in the Aviation and Retail industry has spanned over 14 years, seeing her as a cabin crew, in- flight supervisor, trainer and in luxury retail. Her experiences and interaction with people across the globe has made Myra what she is today- confident, articulate and always perfectly groomed. Her expertise is in Retail- both sales and customer service.

Manoj Harpalani

Smart, sauve and seemingly shy, Manoj is the treasure trove of anything that has got to do with Communication. His rich experience of over 12 years in IT industry has made him a skilled trainer with sublime intuitions that draws out the best from his clients. His career saw him as a consultant for the British Council and other international institutes. With travelling as his core interest, Manoj is a self acclaimed Marco Polo.

Pauline Culas

Born and educated in Dubai and worked in Muscat, Pauline has now made Kerala her much loved home. A committed and dedicated trainer, she is a complete people’s person, always reaching out to them in any which way. A linguistic expert, she has had hands- on experience as faculty for English language and has been a part of Persona from the very start. With her excellent command over the language and her unusual knack for training, she ensures that her clients leave with a feeling of achievement and the ability to communicate precisely, efficiently and accurately. She uses unconventional teaching methods and tools making her sessions stimulating, refreshing, interactive and fun.

Sreekala Narendranath

Her calm and serene demeanor belies the way she conducts her training Her sessions are filled with energy, passion and fire. Her commitment, dedication and her love for what she does are her core strengths. She has a rich experience of 8 years of training in Communicative English both in India and Malaysia. She is an integral part of Persona and our much satisfied and transformed clients stand testimony to her superior training skills. She has trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Re-Source Institute for Leadership training.

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