MY TESTIMONIAL (TRIBUTE) It’s my pleasure and privilege to present my testimonial before my esteemed teacher. I’m Priyanka , working with Kuwait Airways for the last 3 years . It was my dream to acquire a diploma and  migrate to this island .At first I was apprehensive if the course would benefit me. Now I stand before you all so proudly feeling elated that the road I took was indeed the right one.

Ms. Babita Narayanan, my MENTOR has boosted my confidence and expertise. Let me stand humble before you in gratitude. Let me just traverse back to share my feelings with you all of how I felt few days after joined my Diploma. As all humans feel I too felt that I wouldn’t be able to merge with the new culture. It was at the right time I stepped into  and started  the orientation course. The excellent course schedule, the eco-friendly ambience and the most supportive of all –Ms. Babita Narayanan, who assisted me at every step, every time & anytime . One of the major advantages were the small class sizes which provide one on one time with the Trainers and was interactive. We had excellent class room role-play sessions and interesting and rewarding discussions which   helped me to enhance my communicative skills .  I am very proud to say that the guidance and support from my beloved trainer   made me face my interviews with full confidence & to give my  best in life. She doesn’t just feed you information or provided extra tools and resources  but encourages you to think and perform as individuals . I genuinely feel this assisted me in my learning and my career; thanks to the continual support and assistance from my dedicated Trainer, Ms.BABITA NARAYAN

Soon after my course I was presented with a permanent job, which is my good fortune. I wish to convey my heart felt gratitude to you ma’am, who has spent her valuable time and effort for molding my career and providing me with novel ideas. Thank u.

Priyanka Working in Kuwait Airways


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