Each and every moment I spent at your place was like fun for me. But the surprising fact that i realised only some time later was that a lot of learning was taking place through all those cherishable moments. In fact I should call it awareness because one important fact I realised at the end of the 2 months I spent at your empire was that there’s a lot of difference between ‘knowing’ and ‘becoming aware’ of something.

Right from the initial sessions regarding body, mind and soul till the final one for dining etiquette I felt the transformation from the so called MATRIX level to the GOTRIX level. At the fag end there was a whole new surge of confidence that oozed out of the awareness of the science of communication. As an icing on the cake I should say that you are an ALCHEMIST in the WORLD of COMMUNICATION.

As you right fully said in your MISSION for PERSONA you did help me to be confident, excellent communicator, impressive, worldly and sophisticated. I think I should take it on from here to the next level of BLACKTRIX. THANKS A LOT and hope you change a lot of uncut diamonds into polished ones that dazzle forever in the near future.

Mathews George Engineer (Civil),SPCL, Chennai


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